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There's Something About 'Ady'
Hi .. I'm .. Well .. .Wiz - If You Like,
Though I Tend To Be Called Ady In A Non-Digital Environment

I Had An Interested In Art From A Very Early Age.
I Used To Win The School Art Competition's,
And I've Still Got The Certificate's
I Also Used To Win The Music And Do Regular Recital's,
But That's Not Why You're Here .........
It's An Interest In Sci~Fi And Computer's That Bring Me This Far ...

It's Only Recently (With The Advent Of New Technology)
That I Have Really Spent More Time On Digital Art.
It's Less Messy With A Virtual Brush

The Advent Of 16bit Computing Started To Make Working
Creatively On The Computer More Viable, And Enjoyable.

I Started Working With Computer's Back In The Early '80s,
Though The Restriction's Imposed By The Hardware, And Lack
Of Decent Software Led Me To Learn How To Fix, Maintain And
Program The Thing's Rather Than Paint.

The Early 'Sinclairs' Were Of No Real Use To Me Artwise,
Though They Started A LONG Love Affair With Computer's.
Then Came The 'Atari ST'. I LOVED That Machine, Still Have
It In Fact. ( And The PC Emulator's ).
Used To Do Some Demo Coding On It.
Used 'Neochrome' A Lot For The Art Work.
It Was Still Very Restrictive Though, I Spent More Time
With The Music Side Of Thing's.

Then Came An 'Amiga', And Eventually PC's.
A 'Decent' PC, A '486' Soon Surfaced,
And After A 6yr Addiction To 'DooM',
( Which I'm STILL Not Over),
I Started Doing Website's With My Best Mate.

Then Came  You'll LOVE This , And Thing's Got Completely Out Of Hand.

So I Started Doing Web Graphic's,
Which Led To My Doing Desktop Wallpaper's For Myself,
And Eventually I Ended Up Back Where I Started,
Painting. Only This Time It Was Digital.

One Of My First Real Attempt's Was 'analog Dream',
Which I Was Quite Pleased With,
It Became The Inspiration For This Entire Site.

So Now You Know How It All Started,
And Where The Name Came From ...... .

NSeeing As This Section Is About Me ..
I Suppose You Want Some Personal Info ..

Ok .. I Was Born In The South Wales Valley's,
And Lived Most My Life There,
But Recently Moved To The West Country.
I'm A Natural Wanderer, The Only Thing That Keep's Me In One
Place Is The Love Of A Good Woman ..
I've Traveled A LOT Recently !?! J

So .. I Was Married For A While,
Been Divorced For Longer
And Have A Wonderful Grown Up Daughter ..
..:: Natasha ::..
My Life's Inspiration, My Proudest Achievement,
The ONLY Girl I Trust.

I'm In My mid 40's (shhhhh!) And Have Developed An Uncanny Ability To Fall Head Over Heel's For The Wrong Girl.
Live And Learn... Yeah Well .. Live !?! J

I've Done Many Thing's, But Always Seem To Return To I.T.

So ... What Am I Really Like .?
Contrary To Popular Belief, I Am Not Weird ,
Just Slightly Eccentric .. !?! J
I'm Told I Flirt A LOT, But I'm Denying That One !?! J.
I Travel Around Quite A Bit,
It's A Big World And I've Only Just Started. !?! J
I Play Various Musical Instrument's And Achieved My One Big Life Ambition By Learning The Guitar.
I'm Still Learning But I Can Give Steve Vai A Run For His Money ..
(his money not mine .. in the event of a tie .. !?! J .. )

So .. Where Do I Get All These Idea's From .. .?
Simple Really ... . ... I'm Strange !?! J [

Right .. You MUST Be Bored By Now .. So I'll Let You Go
Browse The Site.

Have Fun Folks. Any Questions ..? .. Mail Me. ............