• Join Brenda And Her Adventures On Claw Island.

    Now You Wouldn't Think There Was Much To Do On An Island This Small ..
    And You'd Be Right ... But Brenda.. Well ... Brenda Somehow Manages.

    She Lives On Coconuts And Fish And, For Such A Remote Island,
    Manages To Attract More Attention Than A Millionaire At A Charity Do.

    She's Not Exactly The Sharpest Tool In The Box.
    On Her Job Application She Listed Her Place Of Birth As 'A Maternity Ward'
    And Previous Occupation As 'The Job Before This'.
    But ... They Wanted Someone Pretty, Who Wouldn't Ask Question's,
    Well.., Not Sensible One's Anyway.

    So How'd She End Up On This Island ...
    We'll Let Brenda Explain ------------->

    She Scribbled Out A Note, With Eye-Liner (
    Don't Ask! ),
    Stuck It In A Bottle, Threw The Bottle Out To Sea, Hit A Shark,
    Who Promptly Swallowed It, Got Indigestion, Which Slowed Him Down,
    And Then Got Hooked By Some Deep Sea Fisher's. (
    Phew .. ) .

    Maybe She'll Get Rescued Someday.                            

    To The Left ) In The Meantime .. Follow Her Adventures ...

    Oh .. There's Some For You Too ...      

    And If You Happen To Come Across A Strange Looking Island ...