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Well ................
Are You Sure You're Interested??
Current Setup (It Changes, A Lot) ..

Intel P4 (Clocked 3.34!).
1gb Ram (DDR).
Gforce 8400 GS.
I'm Using The On-Board Sound (AC'97).
17" WideScreen Vusys Monitor (Seen Better Day's).
Trust Wireless Keybaord & 5 Button Mouse.
XP~Pen (Tablet), Tiny But Useable.
Obligatory Speaker's And Microphone. (Nothing Special).
There's Also An HP Deskjet 540 Laying Around,
(Not That It Get's Much Use).

Then There's An Old Yamaha PSS Midi Keyboard,
Though It's Gotten Rather Dusty :)

All This Running ( An HIGHLY Customised Version ) Windows XP.

There's Also A Second Machine Up And Running,
Pentium 6600 Quad Core.
4gb Ram, 19" WS Monitor etc.
Used Mainly For Gaming :)
There's Also A Few Old Laptop's.

There's Also More Than Enough Other Bit's Of Hardware
Laying Around To Kit Out A Small I.T. Dept.
SCSI's, Tape's, Sound, Graphic's, Load's Of Cable's etc
Most Of It Labled 'Property Of Noah'.
And With The Amount Of Small Cheap Organiser's I've Managed
To Collect, It's Amazing How Often I Forget Tel's And Addresses :)

I Guess I'm Just A Sucker For Thing's That Beep And Flash.

Well ........
There's LOAD's More, But Apart From My Not Remembering,
Or Being Sure Where, What Or Even Why!,
You're Probably Bored To Tear's By Now.

Go Look At Some Nice Piccies, That Is What You Came Here For.
                                                                                           Wasn't It ?????

Have Fun Folks. Any Questions ..?
Comment's .. ?
.. Mail Me. ............

© analogDreams 2011