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The Ani's
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  • ..... The Bit Where I Spoil You!

    Here You Will Find ...... Well Guess What!

    Over There To Your Left Would Be A Good Place To Start ...

    ALL Download's Here Are My Own Work,
    And While Perhaps Not The Most Brilliant, Feature-Ladden Proggies
    You'll Have Ever Come Across, I Hope You Find Some Amusement In Them :)

    While I Love Doing The Artwork, And Designing And Developing Web Site's,
    It Can Be VERY Taxing (& Tiring & Frustrating & Tedious & Boring & .....)
    So I Occasionally Foray Elsewhere, And Come Up With These Silly Little Proggies :)

    None Of Them Are Very Large, So Download The Lot ..... !

    Since I Get Bored Quite A Lot (Read LOT), Expect More Of These,
    And Whatever Else The 'Dreams Mind May Come Up With ...
    Also ... The More I Do ... The Better They'll Get ... (Hopefully)

    So Visit Regular And See What Level My Boredom Has Reached :)

    Oh! ... Little Disclaimer Bit : Please Click.

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