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Site Design
The 'Šreams Chronicle  July 2011          Issue #0001
'analogŠreams' In Re-Vamp Shocker!
analogDreams.co.uk, one of the Web's foremost digital art
site's, has recently been completely overhauled.
Gone are the Cyberpunk-esque link's and graphic's
to be replaced by a much cleaner and altogether more
professional frontend.
As well as the usual mix of exemplary work's of digital art
(on a par with anything to be found on the Net),
there are many varied new and welcome addition's.
Liberally scattered among the expected high quality of
on-site graphic's, can be found an amazingly simple and
informative tutorial - 'Painting Dragon's'. This, along with
it's various support file's and feature's, make this a site
worthy of the most critical surfer. but it doesn't stop there.
The 'Downloads' section has increased dramatically, offering

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