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Waffle & Rant
° May #4 °
I've Said This Before ...
If You Don't Intend To Use The Sig's I Create Specially For You,
Then Don't Ask For One !!!

I've Noticed A Few People Recently Have, Rather Petulantly, Stopped Using What They
Pestered Me For Time And Again ... No More Sigs For You !!
Also, If You Have Removed Me From Your Friend's List Don't Ask For A Sig!
Don't Ask Me To Join A Party Or Game Either ... I Would Much Rather Spend
My Time With Genuine People I Can Trust Not To Take The Piss.

If You Use ANY Of My Graphic's On Your Blog/Web Site/Forum etc.
Have The Common Courtesy Of Giving Credit And A Link.
If You Can Be Bothered To Use My Work Don't Be So Ungrateful
As To Not Take A Little Extra Time To Add A Link.
It Cast's You In A Much Better Light.
I Will No Longer Be Doing Specific Graphic's Without
A Reciprocated Link/Credit.

I Would Like To Take The Time To Thank Those Of You Who Have Also
Taken The Time To Send E-Mail's Of Support, And Shouted On My Shout Box.
My Time Has Been Tight, And Rather Difficult Lately,
Such Thing's Mean A Lot To Me.
It Is VERY Good To Know There Are Still Some Genuine People
Out There ...                  . Thank You .                      ___. .__

° May #3 °
And The Rant Goes On . . . (. . . And On)
What Is It With Certain Site's Blocking-Junking admin/webmaster@ Addresses?
I Understand That They're Trying To Minimize Spam,
(We Operate Our Own Secure Server's)
But Even Microsoft|Xbox.com Does It !

A Free Image Hosting Site I Was Using Recently Updated Their Mail Client
And Removed My Account Due To This!
Now I Understand That This Was Down To The Software And Do Not
Take It Personally
(It Was Free And They Owe Me Nothing),
But When The Log-In Email Is Linked To A Valid Password There Is No Excuse.
I Received No Information Regarding This, Or Given The Option To Change
The Mail Address, Just Deleted The Account And All That Was Stored There!

It's Actually Taken A Few Week's Just To Find This Out From Them!
Oh Well ...
On Another Note ...
Daughter Doing OK.
Letting Her Mum Give Her The Injection's Though ..!
Scared I May Do It Wrong And Kill Her !!!!!
But She Could Die If She Don't Have Them !!       |    MUM    |

                                    ___. .__

° May #2 °
It's Been A Very Difficult Time For Me.
Getting Work, Losing Work ...
Daughter In Hospital ... etc.
            (*Tiny Violin Play's ..)
J  .Daughter Seem's OK.   J
       ° My New Full-Time Job °
Was A Lil Bit Panicky ....
Head Been All Over The Place Recently.
Be A Few More Week's Yet Though.
 (She Popping As Many Pill's As Me !)
Thank's To All Those For Understanding.
A Big SCREW YOU To Those That Didn't Even Bother.
                                                  You've Lost A Good Friend.


° May °
Hello ..
Daughter's Operation Seemed To Go Well
Just Need To Look After Her For A While.
  J (Be Good To Spend Time With Her) J
Does Mean My 13wk Contract Had To Go Though,
. . . And Don't Mind In The Slightest

 ° Mouse For Hire °
3 Forum's Noticed I Am No Longer Listed As A Staff Member On A Game Forum,
( Before I Even Knew !!!! ) .
I Think They May Have Been Told By Member's ?
2 Emailed And 1 PM'd Me On XBL Offering Me A Place With Them !?
I Had Done Some Graphic's Previously For One And Another Often Use My Sig's,
Though I'm Not A Member With Any Of Them.
A Number Of Member's Have Even Asked If I Will Start My Own Forum ?
While It's Nice To Know I'd Have A Waiting Member List,
I Really Don't Have The Time Right Now.
Sorry People .....
I Gave Up My Position As An XBL Ambassador So My Free Time Could Be Focused
On The Forum I Was Staff On.
They Have Already Asked If Anyone Could Do Some New (Better) Graphic's
So They Obviously Don't Need Me To Come Back.
Wish Them All The Best, There Are Really Good Member's There.
They Deserve A Good Site.
(It Currently Look's Awful ... Just MY Opinion J)
Well It Certainly Give Me Something To Think About .
 ° Leave Me Alone- Got A Giant Troll To Kill! ° Bought Skyrim The Other Week, I Finally Got Some Play Time In.
  (Yeah - I'm Very Much Up With The Trend's!)
  At Last I Get What All The Fuss Is About.
As A Single Player Game, Can See Me Being Unsociable For A Bit.

° End of March °
Wow ... I Hardly Touch This .. No Wonder I Don't Blog !

Recently Been Re-Evaluating My Position With Certain Site's.
Decided To Relinquish My Position As An Xbox Live Ambassador
As I Really Don't Have The Time To Do It Justice.

Likewise Turned Down A Number Of Staff Position's With Some Game Forum's
Recently For Pretty Much The Same Reason.
Become Quite Disolusioned With Forum's As Many Seem To Have Lost Their Way.
Design Seem's To Have Gone Out The Window And Way Too Much Emphasis
On What Other's Are Doing !
There Also Seem's To Be Too Much Self Concern With Individual's Pushing For
Their Own Agenda. Not To Mention People With A Position They Don't Aspire Too!
The Role Of "Staff" "Mod" Or Otherwise Hold's No Real Meaning When Some With
The Title Do Nothing, Or Only What They Want As It Suits Them.

It Also Appears That "Spamming" Is Encouraged With Some Site's!
Now, Admittedly, This Is A Personal Bug of Mine, But Thread's Like A-Z of Whatever
Only Encourage's Certain Type's To Increase Their Post Count!
I Still Find It Strangely Amusing That This Seem's Important To People,
Especially "Adult's" !!!!

The Most Annoying Though Are The Attention Seeker's ...
Those Who "Announce" Every Little Detail.
Constantly "Leave" Only To Return, Some Leaver's Actually Try To Sabbotage
Aspect's Of The Forum By Attempting To Delete Stuff They Have No Right Too!
Worse, They Are Allowed To Behave This Way Without Consequence !!
I Still Refuse To Join A Party Or Game Night With These Individual's,
As Such This Make's Any Position I May Have Untenable.

Having Said That ....
I Have Had Some Very Positive Feedback From Some Site's Recently,
From Staff & More Importantly Member's, With Regard Some Design Stuff
They're Using. So Maybe Maintain A Staff Role After All . !
I've Spent Way Too Much Time And Effort, Maybe I Just Need an Environment Where
It Make's A Genuine Noticeable Difference ?

This End's The Rant For March

° Early March °
Had A Few Enquiries About Forum Banner's.
Or If I Could Enlarge Some Of The Sigs For Banner Use.
Having Done A Number Of Banner's & Logo's, Some Of Which Never Got Used,
Or Have Since Been Surpased, I Decided To Make Some Of Them Available.
Still Having Most Of The .psd's I Will Re-Do Some For General Use.
If You Have A Forum And Need A Banner, Mail Me At The Usual Address.

Often Do Other Forum Graphic's, May Make Some Button's And Icon's Available?

° Year End °

Hope You All Had A Wonderful Chrimbo And Got All That You Wanted.
Well, The Year Is Nearly Over And Not Been Too Bad A One Either.
Time For Those Resolution's That We Never Keep, A Look Back At What Was And Forward To What Will Be.
Here's Wishing You All The Best And A Genuine Hope You All Have A Great New Year.

° Dec 2011 Boxing Day °

I'm Full !

° Dec 2011 °
1st Off ...

So this is just a lil page for me to waffle and rant about thing's.

So what's been grinding my gears?
Well ..... why is no-one signing the guestbook ?????
Everyone seem's happy to request and take the sig's but it seem's that common courtesy has all but disappeared!
I don't make anything from this site, in fact it cost's me money (not to mention time).
While I enjoy doing these thing's it is very disheartening to realise how ignorant some people are.

How am I supposed to improve the site and add extra value if no-one is prepared to give even the slightest feedback or encouragement ?


It has also been noticed that some people have removed the "analogDreams.co.uk" text from their sig's, even the specialy designed request's.

I do not ask for any form of payment for my time and find it particularly offensive when people do this.
A little respect is always appreciated. There is no need to steal or pretend that you created them yourself, if you ask nicely I may just leave the link off for you.

I WILL NOT be doing any more request's for people who have done this, nor do I want to be "Friend's" with such individual's on any Social/Forum or Game list's.
Thank You Very Much For Your Support !

I was going to have a page showing all the request's that I've done, and we could see where there's gratitude. But having done literally 100's it would be time consuming, and tiresome for visitor's to view.


I have also been finding it difficult to allocate time for the site recently and have a backlog of request's to fill. I will of course get round to doing them so please be patient with me.
I would ask that if you have no intention of actually using the sig's (as some have!!!!!!!) then PLEASE do not request one, I have work and family commitment's (not to mention genuine request's) that my time could be better spent on.


Other Rant's :
This REALLY get's me.
People on game list's who treat other people like idiot's.
I know of one individual who converses with people one on one in order to manipulate them to his way of thinking. He does this to a number of people and say's the same thing to each one! He doesn't seem to realise that people talk to each other!! He somehow became close "friend's" with some individual's that he previously made a number of complaint's about. Behave's like a petulant child in game lobbies and blatantly lies through his keyboard !!!! And this is a grown man!!
Now ... Don't get me wrong, I love a good whinge (No ... Really!), but I don't treat or consider other's to be stupid or moan to the point that gaming become's tiresome. (At least I hope Not !)
We've all (unfortunately) been subjected to lobbies of foul mouth kid's, continually referencing N00Bs, but they're just that ... KIDS. I like to think they have the time to eventually mature.
Thanfully I don't have contact with such people.

One last thing ... I'm cold!

Wow ... I feel a bit better now.

Next Up:
Planned Rant's For 2012 ..... !

Have Fun Folks. Don't Take Me Too Serious. ............