• . . . The End

  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    I'm Not Entirely Sure How Long The 'Dragon' Took Me Exactly,
    As I Was Back And Forth Doing This Text,
    Saving Out The Various Stage's, Making Coffee
    ________________ ...And Lighting Cigarettes.

    I Do Know The Sun's Come Up And Most Will Be Starting Their Day!
    _______________________So A Night Then. Not Too Bad All Told.

    Anyway I Hope You've Gathered Some Insight From This, Or Just Had A Good Browse.
    It Would Be Nice To Think Somebody May Have Learnt Something, Or Even Better Still
    ______________________________________________________- Made Something.

    Doing Your Own Art Can Be It's Own Reward, Quite Satisfying When The Finished Piece
    Look's Neat... ____________________ ...Sit Back And Think ... I DID That.

    Everybody Started Somewhere, NOBODY Picked Up Pencil Or Brush And Created A
    Masterpiece First Time Out.

    And You DO Get Better As You Go Along.
    It Can Be Frustrating At Time's, But Then, . .. ...What Isn't?

    It Was Dark When I Started This, I'm One Day Older And One Day Closer To Death,
    But There's Lovely Blue Skies Outside My Window, And The Only Mythical Monster's
    Are In My Pic's. Maybe I'm One Day Wiser Too .......... ?
    ____________________________________________ . Ady
    ___________________________ 'analogDreams'

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