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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    10 . (dragon10.gif)
    One Done Dragon... ___________(Almost ...)
    I Spend A LOT Of Time At This Stage Tidying Up And Finishing.

    Get The Smudge, Tool Pick The Smallest Brush Size, Set The Pressure Around 35%
    And Start Smudging. Basically Go Over The Jaggies. (The Zig~Zag Edge's You See).
    You Need To Really Zoom In For This. Gently And Carefully Smooth Out The Edge's,
    Especially Where Contradictory Colours Clash. You May Not Really Notice Them At
    First, But After You've Done Some Smoothing You Can Really Tell The Difference.

    The More Time And Effort Spent Here Make's ALL The Difference. It Will Make Him Look
    Much More Organic. Again You Could Use The 'Blur' Filter, But I've Come This Far
    Without Using Any Filter's, And Just Like Not Using The 'Fill' Tool There Is Advantage
    To Be Gained By Doing It Manually. The 'Blur' Tool Will Blur Everything.
    Some Area's Need More Attention Than Other's, Only Your Eye Can Really Tell You.

    If This Was A Canvas In Front Of You, You Wouldn't Just Smudge Your Hand All Over
    It And Hope For The Best. You Would Use Your Finger And Gently And Carefully Pick
    Out The Area's That Need Your Attention, And Each Area Would Be Different.

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