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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    2 . (dragon02.gif)
    Fill In Some Line's And Start Cropping The Bit's You Don't Like,
    Or Seem Wrong. Use The 'Lasso' Tool (Steady Hand Needed Here),
    It's The One That Look's Like A Well .. 'Lasso'.

    Don't Worry About Mistake's, Edit - Undo (Or ' CTRL + Z ') Will Sort
    You Out. If You're Using Photoshop Or Have A 'History', Use That Too.

    It's A 'Dragon', AND They're NOT Real, So There's No Right Or Wrong.
    Though You Can Certainly Tell If Something's Obviously Off.

    I've Started To Redo The Legs/Claw's, Start To Form Perspective.

    I Literally Just Cut Of The Old Leg's ('Lasso'), And Gave A Little More
    Thought To Shape, And The Sense Of The Dragon's Direction
    (The Way He's Supposed To Be Moving), Also Dictated The Shape.
    As He's Flying Forward Toward's Us, It Make's Sense That The
    Leg's Should Be Sweeping Out And Back From Him.

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