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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    4 . (dragon04.gif)
    A Bit More Re-Shaping (Cropping And Thickening). The Extra Thickness, When Painted Over,
    Will Become Shadow Areas, This Help's To Create A Sense Of Solidity And Make Him Less Flat.

    Time To Grab Some Colour ..
    Get A Nice Dark Red And Start Daubing Here And There, Where You Think Light And
    Shade Will Fall. We Just Need To Use This One Color For Now, Just So We Can Give
    Ourselves A Visual Reference.

    Also Just Using This One Colour Means We Can Swap The Light/Shade Area's Later If We Choose.

    Much Will Also Depend On The Backdrop And His Eventual Place In It.

    If We Have A Backdrop, Which We Do Here, It's A Good Idea To Use That Palette.
    Reflection's Of Light And Shade Are Determined By The Surrounding Environment.

    Like Gold And Yellow Reflection's (And Shadow's) On A Sunny Day, Or The Blueness When
    There Are No Cloud's. Even The Brightest Yellow Sunlight Still Reflect's Red Of A Red Wall,
    ____________________________________________________ ...Albiet A Brighter One.
    Or How Color's Mute On A Cloudy Day When The Light Is Filtered Through Grey Clouds ..?

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