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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    5 . (dragon05.gif)
    Start Filling In Colour's. Using A Dark Red Follow Some Of The Black Line's
    Quite Closley To Add Depth. All Done With The Painbrush By Hand.
    I've Found Using The Fill Tool Will Create An Effect That Is Too Flat.

    Then Changing The Paintbrush Colour To A Lighter Red And Dropping
    The Opacity Down To Around 60%, Start Filling In The Space's.
    Again Doing This By Hand We Create Highlight's.
    The Best Way To Compare This, (To My Mind),
    Is Like Using Felt Tip Pen's. With The Opacity Set Below 100%
    The More You Colour An Area The Darker It Get's.

    Also .. Doing This By Hand Mean's The Line's Created With The Brush Also
    Add's And Act's As Texture. . . ... Just Like The Real Thing In Fact.
    Using A Fill Would Not Achieve This, And The Effect Would Be MUCH Flatter.

    Bearing In Mind Also That We Have Been Looking At This On White Background,
    The Actual Work Was Done On A Transparency, And When The Background Is
    Introduced It's Easier To Envision The Fuller Effect.
    ______________________________________________(See dragon05a.gif).

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