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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    6 . (dragon06.gif)
    Swaping Between The Red And Black (At 60% Opacity), We start To Add More Detail.
    Basicaly Following Our Existing Line's.

    Flipping The Background On And Off (Through The Layer's),
    We Can Start To See Where The Light Would Affect Him. Therefore, The Topmost Part's Of
    The Wing's Are Gone Over In The Red With Black Underneath.
    The Same Is True For The Body.

    Now We Can See Where Detail's, Texture's And Effect's Start To Appear.

    I'm Just Allowing These To Happen Naturally, And Pick Them Out As They Feel/Look Right.

    Keep Using The Background So He Doesn't Become Inverted (Shade Where Light Should Be),
    Or It'll Seem Like He's Been Turned Inside Out ... !
    ___________(Could Be An Interesting Effect Though?).

    A Bit More Cropping (With The 'Lasso') On The Wing's To Balance Him Out.

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