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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    7 . (dragon07.gif)
    Here I Decided To Decapitate The Poor Thing And Extend His Neck.
    ___________(See dragon07a.gif + dragon07b.gif).

    Carefully Going Around The Head With The 'Lasso' Tool,
    Then Cutting And Pasting It Back.

    This Also Created A New (Head) Layer Which Give's Me More Flexibility Overall.
    I Am Now More Able To Place It Where I Wish,
    And By Using The 'Transform' Tool's I Can Not Only Re-Size But Rotate
    And Flip It Too, Creating A Completly Differet Dragon If I Want.
    _________(Though For This Tutorial I Shall Leave Him Be).

    The Neck Was A Simple Matter Of Drawing Two Line's
    ___________And Adding Some Detail For Depth

    Also Added Some Detail Around The Shoulder's,
    (Sort Of Like A Shirt Collar), Though I'm Not Sure About This, Yet.

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