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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    8 . (dragon08.gif)
    Ok .. The Tail Seemed To Be Coming Out His Side, So By Carefully Painting Black
    And Adding Shade Under The Light Direction He Seem's More Balanced Now.

    Also Some Cropping To Thin Out The Tail And Give It More Distance Perspective.

    Cropping Around The Wing's And Chest Area's Just To Tighten Up Form.

    I've Also Resized The Left Wing And Stretched The Legs.
    (Highlighting With The 'Lasso' Tool, Then Using The
    Transform - Distort Tool, Pull And Shape Until It Look's More Even).

    Some More Detail's To The Head, (Which For Now Is Still A Seperate Layer),
    Added A Tongue And Some Chineese Whisker's.

    ( Just 'Cause He's Red Doesn't Mean He's Welsh, He IS, But It
    _____________________Doesn't Mean All Red Dragon's Are. !! )

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