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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    9 . (dragon09.gif)
    Close To Finishing Now. Resized The Head (Using 'Free Transform').

    Up Untill Now I've Only Really Been Using Three Colour's,
    And Two Of Them Were Shade's Of Red.
    Used White To Do The Eye, (Though You Wouldn't Notice With The White Background).
    Added Some Teeth, (Look's A Little Less 'Puff' And A Little More 'Gruff' Now).

    Using A Light Orange/Gold; Picked Out Some Of The Lighter Red Area's,
    Just Single Clicking Here And There To Add Highlight's And Some Light Reflection,
    You'll Only Really Notice These When The Background Is On.

    Done Some Cropping Around The Claw's And Some More (Slight) Cropping To The Chest.
    Added More Detail There Too (Zoomed In Very Close For This),
    So He Seem's To Be Facing The Right Way And Look's Less Twisted.
    The Collar's I Wasn't Sure Of, Got Merged Into The Body And Wing's To Give A Fuller Effect.
    Added Some Tail Detail. Two Barb's Toward The Tip.

    Changing Colour To Grey/Silver Added Talon's To The End Of Those Claws, Subtle But Noticable,
    As He's Still A Transparency The Best Effect Will Be Achieved With The Background.

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