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  • Painting Dragon's In 10 Step's - With Picture's And Example's

    The 'Background Scene'
    Load Up 'Bryce', Or Equivalent.
    Create A Landscape ...........
    Oh . Ok ...
    Set Some Terrain's First. As This Is Gonna Be A Foreboding Type Pic, Any Dark
    Material Will Do. Place A Couple Of Mountain's For The Dragon To Fly
    Over/Around/In Front Off, Again Any Thing Dark, The Main Focal Point Is To Be
    The Dragon. A Good Red Sky Will Be Perfect For This. Use A Preset If You Want.
    My Plain Background Is Also Available To Use For Practice. (See back.jpg)
    I'll Do A Few More Different One's Too, For Comparision's And Practice.
    Ever Heard Of Ice Dragon's.?

    Load Up Your Art Package .... Duh!
    Open Your Background Pic. (And Here's Where Layer's Come In Handy),
    Go To Layer's (Photoshop) .. Select New Layer ..
    (Or Do As I Do ......)
    Duplicate Your Pic, Then Select All ('CTRL + A') And Delete.
    You Could Just Start With A New Document, But This Way Will Save You Having To Set
    The Document Size etc.

    And Let The Mouse Cursor Hover Over ' Red ' Text...

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