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Hello There ..
Thank You For Taking The Time To Check Out My New Site.

Who I Then?
Well The Name's Ady And Some May Know Me As ~Wizpot~ (or hack@ack).
I'm Originally From The South Wales Valley's But Now In Exile In EngerLaaand (As I Believe It's Pronounced).

Been Doing Web Graphics For More Years Than I Care To Remember,
And This Latest Venture Is Just Somewhere To Make The Sig's Available.

Basically They're Just Lil Graphic Placer's Where People Can Put Their Name And Show Their Interest's.

This Site Was Originally Knocked Up (Quite Literally) In About A Day..
It Was Originally Hosted On A Free-Server So It Was Kept Deliberately Simple, To Minimize Banner's etc.
As A Forum Member I Make My Own Sigs And Other's Started Asking For Them, So While I Was Ill ... This.

I Don't Consider These Signature's To Be My Work's Of Art As I Usually Use Other's Graphic Talent's For
The Main Subject, Though I Do Create My Own Occasionally.

Most Sig's Are Usually Screenshot's/Promo Material's etc.
And As Such I Can't Take Any Actual Artistic Credit For Them.
The Web, Especially Forum's Are Full Of Sig's And They Are Usually Just Cropped Graphic/Photo's
Done By Other's With The User's Name Tagged On.
Occasionally You Do See Some Very Good One's Though.

The Most Credit I Believe You Can Claim For A Sig Is Simply Design
(Unless Of Course The Subject Matter Is Your Own Work)
It's Very Easy To Crop A Photo And Click Some Plugins/Filter's And Create A Sig.
I Find The Most Difficult Part Is To Choose Where To Crop And Create Something More
Unique And Interesting With The Design Itself,
Rather Than Adding A Few Filter Effect's And Some Border's.

I Have Done Load's Of Digital Art And Been Lucky To Get Paid Commercial Work.
I Love Doing Sig's Because They Are Quick And Easy Little Creative Distraction's.
Also They Tend To Get Used And Appreciated More.

The Prog's I Use :..
I Pretty Much Only Use Photoshop v5 These Day's.
I VERY Rarely Use Filter's Or Plugin's And Don't Actually Have Any Loaded In.
I've Even Stripped Most Of The In-Built Filter's Out.. !
I Tend To Use It Simply As A Digital Pen And Paper So Don't Need Them,
I Also Create Most Effect's By Hand Too, Though I Will Use The Built In Drop Shadow etc. For Text.
I Have No Current Interest In Later Version's As They Offer Me Nothing I Would Realistically Use,
And My Old 90's Version (Minus Plugin's etc.)Load's Very Fast Now, Allowing Me To Get On With It.

Animation Wise I Use An Old Version Of Ulead, For Much The Same Reason's.
The Animation's Themselves Tend To Be Hand Created As Cell Layer's In Photoshop
Then Imported In For Compiling.
Again, Unless The Subject Matter Is All My Original Work I Can't Claim These To Be Actual 'Art'.
The Design And End Product (Static Or Ani) I Feel Can Have Some Personal Artistic Merit
But Not As An Whole, As I've Not Always Been Responsible For The Main Pic/Photo And Feel It
Would Be An Insult To The Original Artist To Claim Any Credit For Simply Creating A Sig Based On Their Work.

Anyway ... I've Waffled Enough ..
Go Look At The Site .. You'll Find Other Thing's To Do As Well As The Sig's.
And I'm Alway's Adding Stuff So Pop Back Regularly ...

You Never Know What You May Find . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

*Note All User's Name's Will Be Replaced With "Your Name" .
... Site Is Open For Business ...

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