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Terms & Conditions .

By Using This Site And Any Work's You Implicitly Agree To The Following Terms & Conditions.

All Design's/Original Work's Remain The Property Of analogDreams (Unless Otherwise Stated).

All Work's Are For Personal Use ONLY.
Any And All Unauthorised Commercial Use Will Be Subject To Legal Investigation And
Possible Action.
Commercial Design's Are Available Subject To Request, Pending Contract From The Site Email.

Any Requested Sigs May Be Used As Example's Within The Site (Unless Agreed Otherwise).

All Use Of Image's/Signature's Are At The Sole Responsibility Of The End User,
XDreams/analogDreams, Or Any Party Associated With, Accept No Liability For The
Missuse Of Content Or Any Damage/Issue's Arising From Such.

All Request's Are Subject To The Designer's Time Constraint's And Personal Decision.

All Design's MUST Be Downloaded From This Site And Placed/Stored Externally For Use.
Direct Linking Is NOT Allowed.
This Site Is Subject To Change And Therefore Linked Work's May No Longer Be Available
Within Your Signature/Use Area.

XDreams Has No Affiliation With Any Of The Subject Matter Within The Design's Or Forum's/Page's
On Which They May Be Used (Unless Otherwise Stated).

While Every Effort Has Been Made To Ensure The Accuracy And Stability Of Content It Is
Possible That Error's May Occasionally Arise.
This Site Is Devolped Free and Without Financial Recompense And Cannot Therefore Be Expected To Be Perfect.

All Public Message's Are Required To Abide By The Legal Requirement's Inherent Within The PEGI Rating's.
There Is No Age Restriction Required For Site/Board/Guestbook Access And All Message's Will Eventually
Be Monitored. Any Found To Be Offensive Or Discriminating Will Be Removed.
Any User Found Abusing These Term's Will Have Site Access Blocked. NO Exception's.
If You Have Any Concern's Regarding These Aspect's Or Any Message's Please Use The Email Provided
And State Your Reason And The Area Where Found.
Every Effort Will Be Made By The Site To Deal With Any And All Concern's.

Please Be Aware That While It Would Be Appreciated To Be Informed Of The Destination Use For Any Work's,
It Is Not Feasably Possible To Join Every Forum/Clan Or To Be Regularly Active Where It Is Possible.
Sorry ... But I Only Have So Many Resource's.

Content And T&C's Subject To Change.
Should You Have Any Concern Or Question's Regarding These Term's Or Anything Associated with XDreams
Please Contact Using The Provided Email.

Re: Guest Showcase
Unless Otherwise Stated On The Guest's Page, All Term's Here Apply.

Exceptions Being :..
All Guest Work's Remain The Property of The Guest Artist (Unless Otherwise Stated).
The XDreams Email Is Not Applicable To Guest's Work.
Neither Is The Request Option, Unless Stated With Contact Detail's On The Guest's Page.
All Guest Work's Comply With The T&C's Stated Above.
Guest Work's Are Liable To Change Including Removal Of Any Work(s) Deemed Unfit For The Purpose
And Display As Per The T&C's.
Guest Artist's Work To Be Assumed Without Copyright Infringement To Any TM Or Registration.
XDreams/analogDreams Accept No Liability For The Submission/Use Of Guest's Work's.

Site Address: http://analogdreams.co.uk/xdreams

Site Email : xdreams@virginmedia.com

Registered : analogdreams.co.uk

T&C Correct As Of 6/03/2011 ŠanalogDreams

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